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How To Build Your First Garden

Building your first garden is a rewarding hobby. It can be done to grow fresh food or provide for animals if you have land. Gardening also offers the chance for exercise and provides a great opportunity to bond with your kids, but there are certain precautions that need to be taken before starting. Here are 10 essential tips for building the perfect garden.

What is Your Garden Space Like?

Planning a garden can be a headache – especially because there’s a multitude of factors to consider. When designing a garden, keep in mind that not all plants create optimal space for other types of plants – do you have enough sun, shade, or dry soil?

Choosing The Right Plants for Your Garden

Planting the wrong plants in your garden can be a big waste of time. Here are some tips for choosing the right ones: 1) Choose plants that will thrive in your region. 2) Choose plants that will produce the most food with the least effort. 3) Choose plants that flower and make pretty colors. 4) Choose perennial versus annuals because they require less maintenance and more flexibility over time. 5) Consider how often you’ll be able to water your garden–if it’s not daily, think about which of these types of gardens would work best: containers, raised beds, and ground-level gardens. 6) Think about what you have to offer in terms of sunlight, shade, shelter from wind, etc., when picking plants

Pests and Other Challenges

Your garden might get ruined if you don’t properly prepare for pests. The types of pests can vary but can include snails, slugs, insects, and hungry animals. Start preparing now by planting row crops and tall plants.

Planting & Care Tips

If you want to experience the joys of gardening, it is important to research what type of plants you would like to grow. Native plants will be easy to maintain as they are used to your area’s climate and soil, as well as grown year-round in your region. Other good options include corn, carrots, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, squash, strawberries and blueberries.


The first step to building your garden is getting the size right- at minimum, three feet by four with two and a half inches depth. You’ll need to choose what you will be planting; some good beginner plants are lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and onions because they grow easily.