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Goal Setting – The Value Of Setting

Goal setting is the act of identifying resolutions for life that keep us accountable and allows us to separate wants from needs. It provides clarity in life through prioritizing what we really want out of life. By creating an evaluation system for our goals, we can separate wants from needs. Setting goals and achieving them […]

carbon footprint
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Carbon Footprint : How To Help Reduce It

As the world’s carbon overflow continues to grow, we should take steps in our lives to reduce our carbon footprint. To do so, we should reduce kitchen energy usage, consuming less animal products, commuting and traveling efficiently, and helping to eliminate waste. This is important because an increasing carbon footprint harms our environment and other […]

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Workation – The New Vacation

During the recent pandemic, the concept of workation struck a chord. People began taking time off to work and carry their normal duties in order to continue assisting with care at home. What is a “Workation” you ask? A ‘workation’ is when employees are given permission to take time off from work, without any strings […]