Charting the Future of Social Studies Education Amidst Neglect and Political Turmoil

In an era marked by deep political divisions, the teaching of social studies faces unprecedented challenges, as educators gathered at the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) conference in Nashville discussed. Despite its crucial role in shaping civic understanding, social studies often takes a backseat in many educational settings, exacerbating the problem. This blog […]


Public or Private : Which Schools To Select?

If you’re a parent looking for a schools, this article will help you decide if a private or public school boasts the best fit for your family. With content from experts and other parents, we hope to make the decision easier for you! What are the advantages of private schools? Private schools have a lot […]


Technology Is The Future of Education

Have you ever wondered what classroom technology of the future looks like? New innovative classrooms allow for personalization and creativity. Not only is it more engaging, but the dynamic promotes innovation. The classroom of the future Teachers who wish to provide their students with top-of-the-line education should want to create a classroom of the future. […]

Education Trending

New Trends in Education

The introduction of technology in the classroom is a new trend in education. There are many pros and cons to integration in the classroom. What is the new trend in education? With a shift in education to literacy, students from kindergarten to university need to be able to read all kinds of texts, from blogs […]

Special Needs Students

Methods To Educate Special Needs Students

What does Special Needs Students mean? Special needs students have a harder time with learning that the average student. What can you do to reach out to these kids? Educating Special Need Student There are many benefits to special education. Special need student gets individualized lesson plans based on their needs, and their parents are […]

genius hour

Genius Hour – Should It Be Implemented?

Teachers can introduce Genius Hour to their school with structured information, giving students the opportunity to explore their interests. Morley, a fifth-grade teacher in Georgia, commented on the quality of their first project using Genius Hour saying,”The quality was poor because the students were bored playing games.” With Genius Hour, teachers provide students with an […]