NG & Associates Offers Specialized Attorney Services for Cross-Border Tax in India

NG & Associates, a renowned legal firm with a forte in tax law, today announced the expansion of its services to include specialized attorney services for cross-border tax matters in India. This strategic move is aimed at addressing the complexities of international taxation and providing seamless solutions for global businesses and individuals operating across borders. […]

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Unveiling the Artistry of Surface Treatment: Delving into Techniques for Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

Within the tapestry of manufacturing, an extraordinary craft is at play – surface treatment. This intricate art form, akin to a master painter’s brushstrokes, holds the key to fortifying materials against the relentless assault of corrosion. Join us on a captivating journey as we explore the labyrinthine world of surface treatment techniques, uncovering the secrets […]


Exploring the Influence of Senior Influencers with, the premier platform for connecting brands with influential content creators, is proud to announce its new initiative focused on leveraging the growing demographic of senior influencers. As part of its mission to explore untapped market segments, is pioneering the way brands engage with mature audiences through authentic and resonant influencer partnerships. Senior influencers […]