NG & Associates Offers Specialized Attorney Services for Cross-Border Tax in India

NG & Associates, a renowned legal firm with a forte in tax law, today announced the expansion of its services to include specialized attorney services for cross-border tax matters in India. This strategic move is aimed at addressing the complexities of international taxation and providing seamless solutions for global businesses and individuals operating across borders.

Amidst a globalized economy, cross-border transactions and operations have become the norm, yet they bring along intricate tax challenges. NG & Associates positions itself as the ally for enterprises and high-net-worth individuals facing the nuances of cross-border taxation. The firm’s legal experts are adept at navigating the maze of international tax treaties, transfer pricing, double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAAs), and foreign tax credits.

“Cross-border tax management is critical for businesses to thrive in a globalized economic landscape,” said Neha Gupta, [Position], at NG & Associates. “We are dedicated to equipping our clients with the legal expertise required to optimize their tax position and ensure compliance with international tax laws.”

About NG & Associates

NG & Associates is a distinguished law firm that specializes in a broad array of legal and tax advisory services. With a deep-rooted understanding of both domestic and international tax laws, the firm offers tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of their clients, ensuring efficient and compliant business practices. Under the leadership of Neha Gupta, NG & Associates is committed to excellence, innovation, and the highest levels of client service.

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Neha Gupta
NG & Associates
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