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A Fusion of Elegance and Gastronomy in Somerset’s Tranquil Haven

As the allure of Somerset continues to captivate the London weekend crowd, the quaint village of South Petherton emerges as a hidden gem, promising a perfect blend of rural charm and contemporary sophistication. In this picturesque haven, Holm, a culinary sanctuary curated by chef and owner Nicholas Balfe, invites guests to experience not only exquisite dining but also the luxury of chic accommodations with the unveiling of seven newly opened bedrooms.

Discovering South Petherton
Nestled in the heart of South Somerset, the golden-hued sandstone village of South Petherton is a serene escape yet to be overrun by the hustle of urban life. Unlike its more renowned counterparts in the north of the county, South Petherton exudes an untouched allure. Holm finds its place within this charming community, inhabiting a former Merchant’s house that seamlessly blends with the local landscape. Positioned within easy reach of a local pub, an artisan florist, a quaint café, and a delightful wine bar and deli, Holm becomes a central focal point for those seeking a refined rural retreat.

The Hygge-Meets-Hipster Vibe
Designed by the skilled hands of interior architects Gundry and Ducker, Holm’s aesthetic strikes a harmonious balance between hygge and hipster influences. The restaurant, still the beating heart of Holm, boasts a fusion of rural warmth and industrial-chic accents. Plush drapes, Hebridean hogget sheepskins, and wood-burning stoves evoke a sense of rural homeliness, while polished concrete flooring and exposed brickwork introduce an urban edge. Abstract pastel artwork adorns the walls, creating a country-contemporary ambiance. In the bedrooms, mid-century furniture, layered textiles, and prints form an earthy-toned cocoon of design-led comfort.

Culinary Delights
Holm’s culinary journey began in 2021, causing a stir as the first rural outpost from the trio behind Brixton’s Salon and Levan in Peckham. Despite the trio parting ways, Nicholas Balfe, now the sole captain of this gastronomic ship, continues to weave culinary magic. The menu embraces top-notch and sustainable local ingredients, elevating familiar dishes to new heights. From Creedy Carver duck paired with spiced quince and carrot to the irresistible Westcombe cheddar fries, each bite tells a story of authenticity and deliciousness. Holm’s £59 tasting menu stands as a testament to both value and culinary excellence.

Somerset’s Charms
Holm’s location in South Petherton offers strategic access to Somerset’s must-see attractions. A mere half-hour drive north leads to the boutique-filled town of Bruton, boasting art galleries and antique shops. The coastal beaches of Lyme Regis lie in the opposite direction, offering a delightful excursion. Closer to Holm, the surrounding countryside provides a picturesque backdrop for leisurely strolls. Nearby attractions include the renowned Burrow Hill Cider Distillery and the Barrington Boar, a charming country pub with a delectable menu.

Room to Retreat
Among the seven thoughtfully designed bedrooms, Elm stands as the largest and most accommodating to furry friends. The Scandi-inflected modern-rustic aesthetic invites a sense of serenity, featuring a four-poster bed, free-standing bath, natural woods, local stone accents, sheepskins, and hand-knitted rugs. Elm provides a well-curated mini-bar of local treats and a surprisingly well-proportioned bathroom, including a double shower and Haeckels products, completing the package of comfort and style.

In conclusion, Holm beckons travelers to experience the charm of South Petherton, where culinary excellence and chic accommodations converge to create an idyllic retreat. With its hygge-meets-hipster ambiance, delectable offerings, and strategic proximity to Somerset’s treasures, Holm promises an unforgettable escape in the heart of this picturesque village.

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