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A Guide to Active Adventures Across its Stunning Terrain

Italy, renowned for its art, history, and delectable cuisine, is also a haven for adventure seekers. From surfing the consistent waves of Banzai to skiing the untouched slopes of Via Lattea, and rock climbing in the breathtaking Val di Mello, there’s no shortage of active escapades. This guide unveils the best places for active adventures in Italy, promising a thrilling and unforgettable holiday.

Surfing at Banzai:
While Italy might not be the first name that comes to mind for surfing, Banzai challenges that notion. Recognized for its consistent waves and lively surf culture, Banzai, located close to Rome, provides an exciting surfing experience. The right-hand waves breaking over scattered rock reefs create a thrilling setting for surf enthusiasts. Easily accessible, Banzai offers not only quality waves but also a vibrant surfing community that adds to the overall experience.

Skiing at Via Lattea:
For winter sports enthusiasts, Via Lattea stands out as one of Italy’s oldest and most expansive ski areas. Spanning six linked resorts, it remains untouched and uncrowded, offering over 400 kilometers of ski slopes, including some of the world’s most challenging. The allure of Via Lattea lies not just in its vast skiing opportunities but also in its distinct Alpine environment, excellent links between resorts, and high-end tourist amenities. Booking an all-inclusive ski break with Sno holidays ensures a convenient and memorable skiing holiday.

Rock Climbing in Val di Mello:
Val di Mello, often referred to as the “Little Yosemite,” is a protected nature reserve in Lombardy and a rock climber’s paradise. Just a few kilometers from Sondrio, it boasts some of Europe’s best granite climbing spots. The stunning Alpine scenery surrounding Val di Mello adds to the appeal, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for climbers. Renowned for its cracks and sustained slabs, Val di Mello has gained a reputation for offering world-class bouldering adventures. Summer is the best time to explore its rocks, free from snow, and ready for climbers to conquer.

Cycling Lake Garda:
For those who prefer exploring on two wheels, Lake Garda offers a captivating cycling adventure. The picturesque towns of Sirmione and Bardolino along the lake provide excellent cycling routes. Sirmione, with its thermal baths and ancient castle, is a charming town to navigate by bike. Bardolino, known for its olive oil and wine, offers a delightful ride along the lakefront promenade, with opportunities to stop at wineries for tastings. Additionally, venture onto Garda Island to experience its tranquil atmosphere while cycling around its gorgeous gardens and villa.

Hiking Tofana di Mezzo:
For the hikers seeking a challenge, Tofana di Mezzo in the Dolomites beckons. This protected hiking route boasts vertical sections that provide awe-inspiring views of the Ampezzo Valley. Starting in Cortina and heading towards Falzarego Pass, hikers will find a car park near Baita Piè Tofana Restaurant. The hike promises a thrilling adventure through the peaks of the Dolomites, showcasing the beauty of Italy’s natural landscapes.

Italy’s diverse terrain offers a playground for active adventurers. Whether you’re surfing the waves at Banzai, skiing the slopes of Via Lattea, climbing the rocks of Val di Mello, cycling around Lake Garda, or hiking Tofana di Mezzo, Italy promises an exhilarating experience for every outdoor enthusiast. Embrace the adventure, explore the beauty, and create lasting memories in the heart of Italy.

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