Who Wears It Better? The Style Resemblance of Princess Mary and Kate Middleton

In the world of royal fashion, Princess Mary of Denmark has emerged as a hidden gem, often drawing parallels with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. As she prepares to step into the role of Queen Consort of Denmark, Princess Mary’s style evolution becomes even more intriguing. From casual flip-flops to dazzling ball gowns, let’s unravel the fashion journey of this Australian-born princess who seamlessly blends Scandi labels, high-street bargains, and a touch of regal glamour.

The Royal Blueprint
The classic royal dressing formula of power suits during the day and glamorous ball gowns by night has been a tried-and-true strategy. However, this approach isn’t exclusive to Princess Mary; it’s a formula that has also been embraced by the Duchess of Cambridge. As Princess Mary ascends to become Queen Consort of Denmark, her impeccable style, mixing Scandi labels like Ganni and Cecilie Bahnsen with high-street finds, has garnered her widespread admiration.

A Fashionable Doppelganger
Beyond their glossy brunette blowouts and a shared penchant for sartorial spots, Princess Mary and Kate Middleton share a remarkable resemblance in their royal fashion choices. Designers like Erdem Moralıoğlu and Tommy Hilfiger have applauded Princess Mary’s modern and relaxed style, drawing comparisons to her ‘younger sister,’ Kate. The Princess of Wales herself might have been intrigued, as noted by Karl Lagerfeld, who declared, “Kate is like a younger sister to Mary” in 2010.

From Flip-Flops to Royalty
Princess Mary’s journey from a flip-flop-clad Australian girl to Denmark’s polished public figure is a captivating Cinderella story. When she first met the Prince of Denmark in 2000 during the Summer Olympics in Sydney, she was known for her casual T-shirt-and-shorts attire, often going barefoot. However, her royal transformation began in earnest in 2003, marked by her engagement announcement outfit – a light coffee-shade dress by Danish designer Kenth Fredin.

The Role of Anja Camilla Alajdi
The secret behind Princess Mary’s high-low wardrobe approach is partially credited to her longtime stylist, Anja Camilla Alajdi. Co-founder of the jewelry brand Marianne Dulong, Alajdi has played a crucial role in shaping Princess Mary’s fashion choices. The princess’s wardrobe statistics reveal a balanced mix of high-street brands like Zara and H&M alongside luxury labels like Prada and Hugo Boss.

Princess Mary’s Green Agenda
Princess Mary’s fashion choices also reflect a keen interest in sustainability. As a patron of the Global Fashion Agenda, she advocates for a net-positive fashion industry for both people and the planet. The princess actively supports re-wearing and buying second-hand, emphasizing the importance of understanding the history and journey of a garment.

Style Shifts and Criticisms
While Princess Mary has received praise for her green initiatives, she hasn’t been immune to criticism. In 2016, the family Christmas stamp featuring members of her family wearing seal fur sparked controversy, with PETA condemning the royal family for supporting the fur industry. The princess, however, continues to navigate the delicate balance between fashion choices and public opinion.

What’s Next
As Princess Mary prepares to ascend to the role of Queen Consort, the question on everyone’s mind is whether her style will undergo another transformation. Her recent public appearance at Amalienborg Castle, Copenhagen, in a billowing burgundy Birgit Hallstein gown hints at a heightened level of glamour. Regardless of what lies ahead, one thing is certain – the fashion world, including the Princess of Wales, will be closely watching.

Princess Mary’s fashion evolution has been nothing short of remarkable. From her humble beginnings as an Australian commoner to her impending role as Queen Consort, her style choices reflect a perfect blend of sophistication, modernity, and a touch of royal glamour. As she steps into this new chapter, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in the style diary of Princess Mary of Denmark.

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