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The institution of Marriage will shut by next decade. 

We need Love Vipassana more than ever now.


Why are men and women competing with each other? Why are we choosing life partners basis an agenda? Why are we witnessing increased misogyny and feminism in and outside courtrooms? Why in a country like ours, where we have grown up worshipping SHIVA and SHAKTI(the two cosmic energies of masculine and feminine), we are still fighting gender wars? Why we are not realising the power each gender carries?  When did we forget ‘WE ARE ONE’? 


To understand our oneness, we have to first understand our separateness. 

We have to go back to basics of understanding what we really are.


Let me start by dropping a truth bomb here. After much self-reflection, visiting my own duality and an intense research, I have come to the conclusion that men and women have both masculine and feminine energies in them. Yes we carry both energies in us. And that’s what makes us a complete human being.


When both these energies are in balance within us, we achieve a union within. We call it divine union or Love Vipassana. And when we are in imbalance within, we attract Hell. Because today we are getting more and more imbalanced as human beings, we are manifesting this battle of genders, failed marriages, hatred, competition in our work environment and in short a corrupted world. In fact in context of marriage, if we observe we are slowly moving from failed marriages to late marriages to no-marriages because we have totally lost the faith in the other. And this really is, very sad. If this continues, the institution of marriage will shut down soon. Hence an increased need for Love Vipassana.


Let me explain this in a little more detail.

I am not the first person talking about it. Yogis call it Ida Pingla, Chinese Philosophers call them Yin and yang, Scientists call them Right brain and Left Brain. And when we evoke both masculine and feminine energies in us, we become a complete human being.

How to do that? 


Let’s understand the two energies(Masculine & Feminine) in their totality first. Both carry positive and negative aspects.

1)Positive masculine and distorted masculine.

2)Positive feminine and distorted feminine


For a complete union, we have to understand the positives and negatives of Feminine and Masculine Polarities. Once we know them, we take the first step on the path. Almost all masters say, ‘Know thyself’, because once we know us, we would know everyone. The man will know the woman and the woman will know the man and peace shall prevail. And this whole journey to union is Love Vipassana. It’s a route map. To read complete article visit-