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Indian Scientist Dr. Hemachandran Ravikumar Awarded Karmaveer Chakra Medal-2023: Global Recognition for Outstanding Scientific Contributions

In a significant ceremony on November 27, 2023, in New Delhi, Dr. Hemachandran Ravikumar was honored with the Karmaveer Chakra Medal and Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship. Presented by ICONGO in collaboration with the United Nations, these awards recognized Dr.Hemachandran Ravikumar’s exceptional contributions to Research & Development in Physical & Bio-Science and Microbiological Studies.

The Rex Karamveer Chakra Medal, considered one of the most prestigious civilian honors, is reserved for individuals who have exhibited outstanding contributions globally towards the well-being of humanity. Dr. Hemachandran Ravikumar’s exemplary work in advancing scientific knowledge and fostering the popularization of Biological Sciences has rightfully earned him this esteemed accolade.

A prominent figure in the scientific community, Dr. Hemachandran Ravikumar holds the esteemed position of Ambassador & Elected Member of the Royal Society of Biology (MRSB) in London. His dedication to the field of Biology has been further acknowledged through the receipt of the Registered Scientist Award 2023 from the Science Council Of the United Kingdom. This award specifically recognizes his significant contributions to “The Study of Memory Activities of the Cells in the Homo sapiens” and the collaborative work on the “Summarised Facts, Managements, and Treatment Pattern for COVID-19,” co-authored with Co.sci.Mathunila Vissagan.

In recognition of his unparalleled contributions, Dr. Hemachandran Ravikumar has been honored with the world’s most prestigious Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and the revered Karmaveer Chakra Medal. These accolades celebrate his past accomplishments as well as serve as a testament to his ongoing commitment to advancing scientific knowledge for the betterment of society. Dr. Hemachandran Ravikumar’s achievements stand as an inspiration to the scientific community and underscore the importance of dedicated efforts in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.