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Social organisations in Pune celebrate Shri Ram Consecration ceremony with initiatives

Pune, : Even as thousands of devotees flocked to Ayodhya to witness the concecration of Prabhu Shri Ram in the new temple complex, social organisations in Pune celebrated the occasion by undertaking initiatives that were meant to benefit different sections of the society. Amid joyous chant of Jai Shri Ram these organisations made sure that they initiated some constructive steps which will benefit the next generation in the long term. 


School for children of construction workers :


With the intention of bringing children of construction labourers in the manin stream of education real estate developer Shriram Associates started a school for these children with the co-operation of non-government organisation Doorstep School. The school was started at the construction site of Divine Garden – a project of Shriram Associates in the city’s Lohegaon area. About 25 children enrolled for the school. Mr Rakesh Agarwal, managing director of Shriram Associates and founder of Divine Garden Group, informed that school stationery, uniforms and some items of daily use were distributed to these children. Ruchika Agarwal of the Group said the chldren are in the 1 to 14 years age group and, in addition to academics, they will be familiarised with civic practices, hyegine and initiated to reading culture.  

Rajani Paranjape started the Doorstep School three decades ago and the oraganisation’s work has benefited hundreds of children of construction workers. Teaching staff Aparna Shilwat and Shubhangi Chavan were present at the time of distribution of school material to children. 



 Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav in Shriram Mandir Kondhwa