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Brahma Kumaris’ Vision : A Paradigm Shift towards Climate Action

Dear Esteemed Readers,

As we convene at COP 28, the crossroads of our existence demand our collective attention. The precarious juncture humanity faces urges us to reflect deeply on the trajectory of our actions, for we stand at the brink of a future where the very survival of our species is in jeopardy. Our current technological and economic endeavors, while driving our present prosperity, push the delicate balance of our life system to extremes, challenging the sustenance of our planet and the prosperity of generations yet to come.

Brahma Kumaris, a spiritual organization rooted in a 70-year-old tradition, recognizes that the essence of our actions emanates from consciousness and awareness. To address the current crisis and foster global stability, resilience, and compassionate action, a profound shift in our collective consciousness is imperative. Through widespread deep reflection and meditation, applied on a grand scale, we hold the key to a paradigm shift that can guide stakeholders towards choices that benefit both our planet and the future of humanity.

In our earnest plea to the world, we extend an invitation to join us in meditation and reflection, aiming to cultivate a transformative shift in our hearts and minds. Empowered by a new mindset rooted in universal values and ethics, we aspire to navigate the challenges ahead with wisdom and compassion.

With a global network comprising more than 7,000 centers, Brahma Kumaris endeavors to inspire change through free courses, workshops, and conferences, encouraging individuals to elevate their consciousness and redefine their lifestyles. Actively engaging the Interfaith community at climate conferences, we organize live panel discussions with experts and policymakers, fostering dialogue on pressing issues. Furthermore, our commitment extends to advocating a vegetarian diet and spearheading Kalp Taruh, a global tree plantation campaign.

Since the mid-90s, Brahma Kumaris and its sister organization, the “World Renewal Spiritual Trust,” have been at the forefront of research and implementation of renewable energies in India. Our dedication to sustainable practices is evident in Yogic farming, an innovative approach that instills a new mindset within the farming community.

To bolster the much-needed paradigm shift, Brahma Kumaris invites you to explore, where meditation, innovative ideas, and clean technologies converge to shape a sustainable future.

Throughout COP28, the BKs actively participate in diverse activities focusing on individual change. From hosting global meditation sessions to leading discussions on practical ways to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, we aim to showcase impactful projects. Notably, we highlight the installation of a significant solar thermal energy plant at our headquarters in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India. Additionally, our three press conferences, themed around hope, ethics, and young heroes, amplify our commitment to driving positive change.

Join us in this transformative journey towards a sustainable future. Together, let’s be the change we wish to see in the world.

Warm regards,