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Kauvery Hospital Alwarpet successfully performs surgery for Complex Spinal Cord Tumor Removal for a man aged 70

Chennai, 29th  December 2023:  Kauvery Hospital Main Alwarpet, a unit of Kauvery Group of Hospitals, successfully removed a complex spinal cord tumour. The surgery which lasted for 28 hours was performed by a multidisciplinary team of surgeons marking a significant milestone in the hospital’s commitment to excellence in healthcare.

The patient, a resilient individual in his 70s, had previously undergone three surgeries in Bangalore to address a challenging spinal cord tumor situated near the neck. Unfortunately, these surgeries did not give him relief from the symptoms, and the tumor continued to grow extensively, affecting the base of the skull and the entire neck. The patient’s son, based in the UK, sought out Kauvery Hospital after extensive research and an initial online consultation.

Dr Balamurali Head of Spine Surgery, Kauvery Hospital Alwarpet, said, “Recognizing the complexity of the case, the medical team at Kauvery Hospital meticulously planned a multi-disciplinary approach, involving spine surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, and vascular surgeons. The surgery required two stages of approach, with the unique challenge of having to split the mandible (jaw bone) and navigate intricate blood vessels.”

The tumor was a benign schwannoma (a tumour that develops in the nervous system), originating from the spinal nerve. Its intricate growth pattern extended along the neck, encompassing vital structures such as the parotid gland, neck vessels (including the carotid and vertebral arteries), and even encroaching upon the windpipe. The patient experienced severe difficulties in swallowing and speaking due to the tumor’s extensive presence.

The first surgery, led by a team of experts lasting 14 hours, resulted in the removal of approximately 50% of the tumor. Due to the complexity and significant blood loss, the second stage of the procedure was planned to ensure the patient’s safety and stability. After showing a remarkable progress, within two days, the surgical team returned for a second stage of the surgery was performed just days later, embarking on another 14-hour procedure. The surgery was completed successfully removing 98% of the tumor, leaving only a small portion attached to a major blood vessel.

What sets this remarkable achievement apart is not just the surgical prowess of the team but also the dedication to the patient’s well-being. Following the successful surgery, the patient regained his mobility, was free from neck pain, and could lead a normal life. After a three-week hospitalization at Kauvery Hospital and rehabilitation at Hamsa, the patient was discharged home.

Reassuringly, repeated MRI scans conducted on multiple occasions confirmed that there was no recurrence of the tumor, emphasizing its benign nature.

“At Kauvery Hospitals we always believe in ensuring highest standards of patient safety with best-in-class clinical outcomes and a seamless patient experience with multidisciplinary approach . Our commitment to a multidisciplinary approach is a testament to the belief that true healing emerges when expertise from various specialties work together in the pursuit of superior clinical outcomes. I would like to thank the efforts of the clinical team who were part of the procedure and for the patient’s family to have faith in us and wish him a healthy future,” said Dr Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-Founder and Executive Director Kauvery Group of Hospitals.